Alahelenui St.

Benny C. Uyetake


Alahelenui Street is the name of the street my junior high sweetheart lived. A friend of mine, Toshio, had his license to drive. He'd pick a few of us to go joy riding each evening during our 9-10th grade years. The friends included Preston, Jeff, Irvin, Mark, and Sam. We would talk about the life of junior high schoolers, ride through the town, and drive past my girl friends house. We had so much fun. Alahelenui brings back warm and wonderful memories. 

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  • Nov 18
    Kimo's Restaurant, 
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    Kimo's Restaurant, 
  • Nov 25
    Kimo's Lahaina, 
  • Nov 26
    Live at Kimo's,  Lahaina

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