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You may purchase CDs from CD Baby, email directly to Benny. Benny Uyetake(CD Baby only) , The Akustiks Love songs Solo Ukulele, Original Compositions Solo Guitar, Composite of Originals and covers Tropica Mixes, Vol. I. 20.00 plus shipping You may inquire at email: or: CD Baby

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These videos are to view and listen to and expose the events I am performing at. Have a listen.

Benny For Jazz Alley TV Lanai Ukulele Festival

Benny at the Lanai Ukulele Festival

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Benny Uyetake's Calendar

  • Nov 18
    Kimo's Restaurant, 
  • Nov 19
    Kimo's Restaurant, 
  • Nov 25
    Kimo's Lahaina, 
  • Nov 26
    Live at Kimo's,  Lahaina

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Press YOUTUBE Benny and Glenn's Performances at Kimo's Lahaina.