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You may purchase CDs from CD Baby, email directly to Benny. Benny Uyetake(CD Baby only) , The Akustiks Love songs Solo Ukulele, Original Compositions Solo Guitar, Composite of Originals and covers Tropica Mixes, Vol. I. 20.00 plus shipping You may inquire at email: or: CD Baby

Benny C. Uyetake (this product ordered direct from CD Baby)

Music of Benny C. Uyetake Original Compositions. This CD was recorded on the slopes of Maui's mountain, Haleakala. Engineering the recording was David Russell and recorded at Walter Becker's studio. This recording is wonderful and needs to be in your private collection.

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Benny For Jazz Alley TV Lanai Ukulele Festival

Benny at the Lanai Ukulele Festival

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  • Nov 18
    Kimo's Restaurant, 
  • Nov 19
    Kimo's Restaurant, 
  • Nov 25
    Kimo's Lahaina, 
  • Nov 26
    Live at Kimo's,  Lahaina

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Press YOUTUBE Benny and Glenn's Performances at Kimo's Lahaina.