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Hawaii Geographic Alliance(music of Benny Uyetake for Hawaii Geographic Alliancee

Music that Benny wrote for Geography Awareness week. These songs were written for lesson plans and themes.

CD Baby
Benny's CD or email at
Westin Maui Resort and Spa
Benny Performs Wed. Thurs. Fri. at the Tropica Restaurant in the Westin Maui Resort and Spa.
Maui News
Info on Maui/ Thursday edition entertainment The Scene
Hawaii Weather
Friends for Life Guild
founded by Dene James and Grier Smith for Natalie Smith. Please check this site out!
More Fish in the Sea
Check out this website
KGMB Heart Transplant
Here is a site that tells a story of Benny's brother, Lenny, who died a donated his heart to another person. Check it out!!
String This
I love this company. They are very efficient and has the strings I need!! Check then out!! Here's the web address.
Maui Fest

Ken is a friend of mine who is such a great film maker. Check him out!!!

youtube upcountry fair 2010 ( Benny performs Classical Gas)
Lanai Ukulele Festival

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Benny For Jazz Alley TV Lanai Ukulele Festival

Benny at the Lanai Ukulele Festival

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  • Nov 18
    Kimo's Restaurant, 
  • Nov 19
    Kimo's Restaurant, 
  • Nov 25
    Kimo's Lahaina, 
  • Nov 26
    Live at Kimo's,  Lahaina

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Press YOUTUBE Benny and Glenn's Performances at Kimo's Lahaina.