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hey benny its big steve from santa cruz cali you remenmber i sat in with you at the westin 2001 csn man coming to island sept 6-16 hope to see you and catch a show i am in the blue sky band out of s cruz we also have web site great to see you doing so well lats steve

Great to hear You & Glen @ Kimo's! So nice to hear talented musicians who truly play from the heart! Mahalo for the ear candy!

Hi Benny, Thanks so much for having me at Tropica last weekend. I greatly appreciate your generosity in sharing your stage and magic guitar, and I hope we meet again soon. All the best, Matt

Hi Benny. How are you and Debbie? I'm in Maui right now visiting Courtney. Do you know how I can get in touch with Linda Stoner? Can you have Debbie call me at 901-482-7205. Or when can I catch her? I'll try to call the number on your website too. Mahalo. Mary

Just dropping a line to see how you're doing, my brother

Hi Benny, Great pix!!! I hear that you and Deb are coming to CA for Xmas. Great! How about Xmas at my house in Newport with all the kids, etc?? I've been trying to reach Deb. Please have her give me a call. Also, it doesn't look like either you or her are on Facebook. Please sign up. That's become a great resource on all sorts of levels, not the least of which is that our Hamilton side of the family is sharing photos, news, etc. In fact, our cousin Dana, Uncle Joe's daughter, is putting together a family tree and needs info from Deb re: your darling family. Love, Auntie Suzie

Hi Benedict!!!! I was so excited when Miss Rundel called to tell me she'd been in touch with you!!! How well I remember you and your classmates. Those were wonderful memories! I am delighted that you're playing music - you were gifted in that area as I well remember...and better than that, your teaching other young people. Whew....Middle School!!! I ended up in one too, in Heidelberg, Germany for my last 17 years!!! It's great to think about you and be in touch after all this time!! I am not very computer savy, so I crept up on this link, weeks after MS Rundel sent it to me. It works!!!! Bless you, Benny! Love, Ms Lawrence

hi mr.uyetake sorry iam use to saying mr.uyetake because your my 7th grade teACHER so see you later and love your music =)

Hey Benny, I'm listening to your music on your site. I just LOVE it. Maybe one day I will get back to Hawaii and visit my little student from 5th and 6th grades!!! Hugs, Wendy Rundel, your 5th grade teacher

I had the pleasure of teaching Benny when he was a fifth grader at Hilo Union Elementary School in Hilo. At that young age, his musical talent was obvious. He was a young master of the ukelele. Benny always had the winning smile that I see in these photos today. Having recently been in touch, I am in awe of Benny's music and hope to one day here it live!! Love you, Benny! Wendy Rundel

Aloha Benny, You are the best, man! It's always an honor and great pleasure to have you play and sing at Max! Our stage is always waiting for you. John

My husband and I had the great pleasure of having Benny sing and play for a very special birthday dinner last August. Our friends have never forgotten your incredible guitar playing and your wonderful song styling. You made the evening so very special. Over a year later and we still have special memories of you. Thank you Benny.

We're listening to your original disk reminiscing about our honeymoon on Maui in 2003. You probably don't realize it, but you were a source of great memories for us. We absolutely loved listening to your music under the stars during the warm Maui nights with the smell of tuberose and plumeria in the air -- truly paradise! Great to read that you're doing so well. Blessings to you and your entire family

Awesome, just awesome music! I picked up 2 CDs -one for my sister and one for my brother. Nice to be in touch and see that you have done so well! Take care and see you on FB! Aloha to the ohana too!!

Hi! I remember you as Benedict! I am the same age as your sister Patrice and I went to school with her while we lived in Hilo. I think your music is awesome! Do you have a CD out that we can buy or are your tunes on iTunes? Just had to drop you a line and say aloha, keep playing the great music! Marie P. S. Also very saddened to hear of Lenny's passing. Nice to know that he lives on in others!

Hi Benny it's your "Cuz " from Big Island! Remember me and my husband in Dec.? Join me on Facebook and we'll show haole's how it's done! I can advertise you in other words!!

Benny, LOVE your updated website! Laurie & I have loved your music since we started coming and seeing you in '95 at BJ's. We look forward to hunting you down at the Tropica everytime we come to Maui. I'm still playing on our worship team here in Lake Stevens, WA. We're hoping to sneak in a September trip this year...we'll look ya up when we do! Keep on truckin' for the Lord! Leo & Laurie Carpenter

Aloha Benny, Once again Mariah and I have had a wonderful trip to Kaanapali made even more wonderful by being fortunate enough to see you perform at Tropica yet again. It had been 2 years since our last visit, and your keen memory of our prior trip was as beautiful as your music. We hope to return soon and experience the true aloha you bring to one of our favorite spots. Cheers, Eric & Mariah

Hey Mr. U, Funny calling you that now that I am 35. I loved seeing your website and the pictures of your Grandchildren. They are beautiful. Right after my husband Steve and I saw you in Wailea, we started a family and have 2 beautiful daughters and another one on the way. Life is truly a blessing. I just wanted to say hello...aloha, and promise to look you up the next time we are in Maui. PS: in the 80's I sang backup with some of my classmates for a japanese artist in George Benson's studio. Do you remember what artist that was? I was going to try and hunt down a copy so my husband can laugh at my screeching. Much Love, Suzanne

hey brah...finally got the security code figured out...music sounds great and so good to hear your voice aloha

Hello Benny My girlfriend , Marianne and I met you last Thursday (4/9/09) at the Westin and enjoyed talking to you and listening to your music. You definitely have a awesome talent. I will be buying your CD's and looking for you when I return to Maui. Thanks for being a part of our Maui memories!!! Brian

benny, thnx for da memories and being a good teacher, friend and a BRUDDAH. STAY IN TOUCH AND SEE YA SOON

Eh, Benny, geat website! All the names, many I haven't heard in years!! Hope to see you in August at the 35th reunion!

Hey Mr. U! Nice wesite! Why didnt you tell any of your students you had one? :) I LOVE your music! Its really nice. And the performance you did at school today was awesome! You should do it more often...alot of the kids might get into it, and even follow your footsteps. See you at school! Monica P. :)

If you would like to see my son's workmanship .. Go to this website and Hit Prev / Fwd to step through all the Pics http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=2983285&albumID=75732&imageID=55272128#a=75732&i=42226658 We will see you tonight .. Moody's mood ??

You are Awesome Brudha !!

Benny, We enjoyed your music (live at Tropica) while visiting Maui last fall. In addition to noting your excellent talent and style, I was so impressed that someone in Hawaii finally and actually knew all the correct lyrics to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", that I had to personally praise you for it. You very graciously gave me your "Akustiks" CD. I've since enjoyed that CD as I drive around my hometown, and it evokes great memories of our anniversary trip, that night, and you -- the friendly artist who so exhibited island aloha. I, being a typical tourist at the time, was traveling with plastic instead of cash, but would now very much like to send you a bit of appreciation in the mail. I realize this message comes with a fair amount of tardiness, but is nonetheless sincere. When I enjoy your CD I feel I have some unfinished business, so please let me know an address where I can confidently mail you something! With warm aloha from the mainland (northern California), Michelle

Hi Benny, it was really great seeing you at Patty's party. We hope all is well. We wish you and yours a very safe, healthy and prosperous new year. Jim and Linda Lenn

Benny is such a fantastic entertainer, educator and friend. His words and his ways are so inspirational, sincere and exude ohana and all that is good and right. I had the privilege of teaching with him and watching him share his talent and reach out to young students was such a unique experience. He has touched our lives in many ways from first diagnosing my son's need for classes only seeing him once a week in music class, to playing at my mom's funeral and my wedding. Oh, to be at the Westin hearing Benny's wonderful music and the tropical breezes- take me back to Hawaii...I will have to search the site for my favorite song- Benny has so many original wonderful songs! You have touched so many lives! Aloha to Debbie, the Girls, Glen, Sandy,Sarah, GP-everyone...hugs across the ocean~ Cindy

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